Caring For Your New Replacement Windshield: 3 Pro Tips

15 September 2021
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One of the common ways that windshields get broken is by hurling rocks that come at your vehicle when speeding down the highway. The chip or crack might seem small and insignificant at first. However, when you leave it without repairs, the crack widens and further compromises your safety on the road. Consider replacing the windshield when the gap interferes with your ability to see ahead or into the rearview mirrors. After the installation, consider using the recommended care techniques to lengthen the life of your vehicle. Here are three professional tips you will find helpful. 

Wait Before Driving Home

The auto repair mechanic will install your new windshield using a strong adhesive. The adhesive will need an hour or two before bonding with the vehicle's frame. If you cause shaking or vibrational movements on your car before the time elapses, the windshield will not hold well as it should. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for several hours before driving the vehicle home. The auto mechanic will also help you figure out when it is time to drive the car home.  Also, ensure that your car stays in the sunshade during the first few days when the glue will be curing.

Avoid Touching the Adhesive

It is advisable to be vigilant about how you handle your car for the first forty-eight hours after getting the windshield replacement. The auto mechanic will help prevent damage to the windscreen and the glue by applying adhesive around the perimeter of the screen. Leave the tape on for at least two days. You can peel it off when you feel the windshield is strong enough. Also, remember to be gentle with the doors for the first few days after the installation. Banging the door too hard will damage the adhesive and weaken the hold of the screen. 

Avoid Car Washes

Professionals recommend that you stay away from car washes for the first few days after the installation. Car washes use water with extremely high pressure. Allowing the pressurized water to hit your windshield continuously will loosen the already loose adhesive and could even make it separate from the frame. Also, the soap in the car wash might interrupt the bonding process. Wait for the adhesive to cure before resuming the regular cleaning procedures. 

These are simple and effective ways to ensure that your vehicle replacement process goes as planned. Hire a competent auto mechanic to replace the windshield for you. Also, adhere to the maintenance procedures for the best results. To learn more, contact a windshield replacement service