How To Tell If The Crack In Your Windshield Is Repairable

17 November 2021
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The windshield in your vehicle is made from layered safety glass that will help reduce damage if something hits it. While the glass can crack, the windshield design often makes it possible for an auto glass repair technician to fill the crack for you. There are times when the glass is beyond repair, but there are some things you can look for that can help determine if repair is possible or not. Read More 

Caring For Your New Replacement Windshield: 3 Pro Tips

15 September 2021
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One of the common ways that windshields get broken is by hurling rocks that come at your vehicle when speeding down the highway. The chip or crack might seem small and insignificant at first. However, when you leave it without repairs, the crack widens and further compromises your safety on the road. Consider replacing the windshield when the gap interferes with your ability to see ahead or into the rearview mirrors. Read More